Fashion Revolution week begins tomorrow happening April 18-24th, 2022. It just so happens that April 24th is also the anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which housed five garment factories, killed at least 1,132 people and injured more than 2,500. The wages of workers at the time was approximately $35-$60 dollars a month. Those wages are not considered a living wage.

Some of the fashion brands manufacturing in the Rana Plaza garment factories during the collapse were Walmart, The Children’s Place, Primark, Benetton, JC Penney, Joe Fresh. If you know of others, please comment. You have a right to know where your clothes are made. Every garment that I manufacture is made in the USA. I refuse to support slave labor as in the Rana Plaza building where the workers labored long hours for low wages.

This is the perfect time to raise awareness about Greenwashing which refers to Fashion Brands that are neither ethical or sustainable try to make consumers believe that they are. The word sustainable is misused like in garment ads that say "100% sustainable" which has no legal definition. That is deceptive unless they explain what they mean by that.

Some ways you can participate in the Fashion Revolution:
Buy better, less often, wear longer.
Be label conscious.
You as a consumer, “vote” with every dollar you spend (or don’t) on clothing.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that works for a more sustainable fashion industry. Their website offers a variety of free resources.

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