When it comes to dress reform - What Do Women Want?

According to the Rational Dress Society, women want:

1. Freedom of Movement.
2. Absence of pressure over any part of the body.
3. Not more weight than is necessary for warmth, and both weight and warmth evenly distributed.
4. Grace and beauty combined with comfort and convenience.
5. Not departing too conspicuously from the ordinary dress of the time.

The Rational Dress Society was an organization founded in 1881 in London as part of the movement for reforming Victorian dress that included unbearable corsets and heavy fabrics.

Today this list would probably not change much except to include high heels. Still, in 2021 women usually have the freedom to wear whatever they want. Most men think that women are buying clothes with men in mind. I doubt that. Women want to feel beautiful and confident. In my humble opinion, when a woman buys clothes she will always be attracted to styles that fit her body! This is what I attempt to achieve when I design or purchase inventory for women's apparel.

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