About Us

Who Am I? . . . My name is Gregory Cox. I think differently than most people and that is probably why I am still driving the same car I bought 29 years ago. I am a U.S. Air Force veteran and a software engineer turned fashion designer/manufacturer. That means you can be certain I pay attention to quality and detail when you see my brand GroxWear from Gregory Cox.  That also means I only select vendors who adhere to the same quality standards as I do for my own brand. I became interested in apparel design while working at Sara Lee Knit Products in Winston Salem, NC. There I worked as a Senior Programmer helping the apparel planners. I do not follow the traditional fashion seasons because that encourages consumption and wasteful fast fashion.

How Did My Store Come To Be? . . .  The short answer is necessity.  I normally wear Pocket Tees from Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein.  One day while working outside my expensive eye glasses fell out of my pocket-tee so many times that I set them aside on the trunk of my car.  I didn't remember about my glasses until I heard them fall off the car at 30 mph.  They were never found.  I decided to go online to buy some Zipper Tees.  And I discovered they did not exist.

Still, after all that I was not ready to mass produce tee shirts.  I only wanted a few ZipperTees.  So I took my Zipper-Tee design and materials to a local seamstress.  She rejected my job stating that it was too complicated.  I got the same rejection from the next 4 dressmakers and tailors.  Okay, so now I'm a frustrated consumer, angry and determined to make these ZipperTees if I have to do it myself.  Fortunately, I did not have to learn sewing.

How Are My Products Made? . . . My products are made from a variety of fibers from bamboo to cotton in the good ole USA.  And I intend to keep it that way.  I am currently working with one USA factory that has a team of skilled labor from pattern makers, design managers to sewing.

If I had to reduce my philosophy to a few words I would say, Quality Comes First.  My products will always ship from the United States, or Canada unless stated otherwise. I am located in Pasadena, Maryland.  My products will ship from this location or directly from the warehouse in the United States.